Kicking Butte to Make A Difference #KickButte

Just over a week ago, I posted a request on my personal Facebook page, as well as my pay it forward group called “Sacramento Free or Pay it Forward” for our neighbors to come together as a community to help those who lost their homes, businesses and animals to the fires here in Northern California (Butte County). I was absolutely amazed at how we did just that.

Michelle (a local neighbor), and her Dad (a retired firefighter), volunteered to assist me with my quest to make deliveries to those in need.  After we received two rooms FULL of donations of all sorts, we loaded our vans and headed to Valley Springs, CA. We managed to get ALL the donations into two vans because Michelle knows how to pack a car properly (she’s got some serious skills).


We drove up to the first location where they were unable to take our donations because of the size of the facility (it was tiny).  They weren’t able to take too many evacuees either which was really heartbreaking, but I’m glad that they could serve a few.

Make shift bathrooms

While we were there, we met an elderly lady who lost her home and animals to the fire. She shared her story with us and it made me tear up. She also needed various toiletries and supplies and we were so excited to be able to assist her, as the place we were at did not have what she needed.

*An extra special shout out to those of you who gave us boxes of depends, diapers, toiletries, etc. You’re amazing! We couldn’t have done it without you.

We then drove down to Burson, CA,  where we dropped off the remaining deliveries and were told that evacuees are camping on the sides of the roads in San Andreas – they have no place to go and the camps are already full. It was so sad driving up through the hills seeing tents set up under trees in various spots. I saw an entire family at one place, starting to set up camp as it got later, using just a two man tent with their vehicle parked close by. These people have nothing and it broke my heart.

Camped out under a tree for the night…

Thank you to all of you in our community who have so generously donated, and thank you to Michelle and her father for taking time out of your day to help me, help others.

Michelle & Dad

Host a Party with Eggland’s Best!

On Sunday, September 20th, I enjoyed the company of local Natomas and Elk Grove families. I invited them over for a special taste testing with Eggland’s Best. I was delighted to host this event as I know how much my kiddos enjoy their eggs, whether fried, scrambled, baked or boiled! Those who attended, enjoyed the offerings and appreciated that Eggland’s Best strives to provide a nutritionally superior egg that is the best in quality, taste and freshness.

We enjoyed several recipes utilizing Eggland’s Best eggs, including a delicious Broccoli and Cheddar quiche, Caramel Cupcakes, Chocolate Bundt Cake, pancakes and so much more… The kiddos thought it was fun having hard boiled eggs and utilizing the Eggland’s Best serving spatula for our pancakes.

To learn more about the nutritional benefits of Eggland’s Best eggs versus other eggs, click here.

Check out all the photos from my party on my Pinterest Board here.

*In exchange for this review, Eggland’s Best eggs provided me with some supplies for my party. This review is entirely my own.