Chore Chart Simplified

Have you ever tried what seems like a million different ways to get something done? Well, that’s been me… I am great at getting my kiddos involved in sharing household responsibilities, but I don’t always follow up to make sure that they’ve done what I asked them to do. Don’t get me wrong, my children are GREAT helpers, but I don’t always remember what I’ve asked them to do and I tend to be a sucker for routine.

I think a daily routine is important. It allows me time to get up early and do what I need to do minus interruptions, and my children know exactly what is expected of them. I’ve tried to keep us all on track using lists in a binder, writing things on a notepad on the refrigerator, putting post it notes on their walls where they do their school work, but it just wasn’t working and I was feeling defeated. After much frustration and lots of searching the web, I FINALLY found something on Pinterest (my favorite DIY website) that I could make and personalize.

These chalkboard clipboards are AMAZING and fun to use! I made them in about two hours this past weekend – super quick! Let me tell you, my children were SUPER excited to have a chalkboard chore chart! They couldn’t wait for the boards to be ready, and this morning I heard them arguing about who was going to be done with their chores first, without me even having to utter one word! Mission accomplished!

Here’s what you will need to make these chore charts:
👉 Wooden clipboard
👉 Black chalk paint – spray paint or paint in a can is fine
👉 Paint brush
👉 White chalk marker
👉 Plain pegs
👉 Permanent marker

1. Paint your clipboard with the first coat of paint. Wait 20 minutes and give it a second coat.

2. While your paint is drying, label your plain pegs (you can purchase a pack of pegs at the Dollar Tree) with whatever tasks you’d like your children to complete. I made two sets – my children are different ages, so I labeled them according to what they could and could not do.

3. When your board is dry, using your white chalk marker, make the Daily and Weekly To Do lists. Add the pegs to the areas which you’d like done daily and weekly.

How the chart works:

Clip the pegs to the left side of the board (To Do). When the chores are complete, move the pegs to the right side of the board (Done). This allows you to see what has been done and what still needs to be taken care of. Your children will have a blast moving the pegs.

That’s it! Simple to make and do!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on chores and charts! What have you tried? What works or does not work for you? How do you get your kiddos involved in helping you in your home?

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