Morning Baskets & Homeschool

As many of you know, I am a homeschooling Mommy of two. I’ve had a set routine for years, but this year, I am trying something new and different, it’s called a Morning Basket. I was inspired to give it a try, after watching a YouTube video by Pam Barnhill. Pam is the author of an amazing book called “Better Together”, which is all about her morning routine. Look her up, I guarantee you will be inspired!

So what is this Morning Basket you may ask?

A morning basket is a combination of books, activities, crafts, games, or reading materials that allow you to begin your day with something exciting, before getting into your actual school day. Of course, everyone has different thoughts and ideas as to what should be included, so it’s truly up to you as to what you’d like to include.

Today, our morning basket is all about creativity and fun! Because it’s “Back to School” week for us, I wanted to make the day extra special for my kiddos.

Here’s what I put in my basket:

👉 Props for photos (we need some “first day of” pictures of course!)
👉 A new board game
👉 Bible time
👉 Math puzzles
👉 Creative writing
👉 Poetry tea time
👉 Outdoor play

We had a blast with our basket this morning and so far we’re on schedule as far as the new routine goes. Our “Morning High Five” was a success, and though it was challenging getting everyone out of bed earlier than usual, we are on track!

How did your kiddos first day of school go? What fun things are you doing with your children this week or did you do today? I’d love to hear from you!

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